• Active Listening Sites

    Active Listening Sites

    A new stadtmusik work, tying together a lot of what we were working on in the past couple of years....
  • stadtmusik#7 – boston buzz

    stadtmusik#7 – boston buzz

    Upcoming Stadtmusik Film
  • stadtmusik #6 – innsbruck küche hell

    stadtmusik #6 – innsbruck küche hell

    Upcoming Stadtmusik Film
  • zurückbleiben bitte!

    zurückbleiben bitte!

    7min38sec, DVD video “Above and below do not exist at first, and other indications of direction do not work either....
  • kapitel 3

    kapitel 3

    2005 stadtmusik music: sam auinger, hannes strobl image: dietmar offenhuber more information on www.stadtmusik.org part of edition “abstracts of syn“,...
  • mauerpark


    17min27sec, DVD video The winter landscape of mauerpark in berlin turns into a theatrical stage, populated by pedestrians and cyclists...
  • felsen m18

    felsen m18

    2005, 17:50 min video: dietmar offenhuber, music: sam auinger, hannes strobl part of edition “abstracts of syn“, published and distributed...
  • besenbahn


    “the freewaysystem in its totality is now a single comprehensible place, a coherent state of mind, a complete way of...