A game-engine modification as an audiovisual environment. Intrigued by the erratically busy movement of non-player characters in a computer game, we re-contextualized the purpose of these bots as narrators and sound objects: ranting about experiences in pizza restaurants or making announcements in an infinite loop.
We also developed a 1m2 platform as a full-body interface, allowing visitors to move through the environment by balancing on the platform.

“Interwoven spaces, diverse acoustic domains and the transmutation of physical laws constitute challenges to visitors’ faculties of perception. Orientational aids include visual points of reference as well as acoustic guidance systems and even fictional beings whose paths visitors can track. Visitors balances on a sensor-equipped platform that moves through the artificial environment; the acoustic events that surround them are synchronized to the platform’s movements. NOMADS is also an extraordinary example of the graphic performance of a conventional PC.” – from the ars electronica website

Credits: Models: Dietmar Offenhuber, Sounds: Markus Decker

Exhibited in Ars Electronica Center 1999