URBIS – Imagining the City

Developed with the ars electronica futurelab in a larger collaboration with Landesign, Inc. / London.

Projection-based interface for the visualization of the cultural content in a dynamic three-dimensional environment for the “Urbis” museum project in Manchester, England. The modular information platform on which the installation is based invites visitors to create virtual cities through interaction with a flow of media. The results are three-dimensional, dynamic skylines that are projected onto a panorama screen. The individual cities (City of Pleasures, Emotions, Imaginations and Senses) are embedded within scenarios derived from crystalline, organic and urban structures, as well as modeled on outer space.

The project was nominated for BAFTA award, and I received for my contribution the 82nd Art Directors Club, Annual Awards, Silver Award (New Media)

I have only screenshots of the 3d world, but Dan Hill, who created the content for the exhibit (wonderful work!!!), has some photos of the installation on his blog,