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Indexical Design Conference

Symposium curated at Northeastern University. Indexical Design addresses the difference between data and evidence. The symposium explores the physical trace and its role for making sense of the world. We will investigate the different scientific, aesthetic, and rhetoric techniques for making traces “speak.” Information visualization is traditionally concerned with the symbolic languages of charts, maps, and diagrams. Its underlying data are also symbolic representations: the results of processes encoding traces and events. At the same time, traces such as tree rings, fingerprints, or ice core…

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sensing place / placing sense

The mental image of the city has become more complex. Since mobile phones have become geo-social devices, location-based data is increasingly shaping the way we navigate, experience and define the urban environment. The Symposium and the exhibition will investigate the potential of experimental and artistic forms of inquiry for helping us making sense of the city, and discuss practices that create new public infrastructures and define new places. The panels explore the sensory, structural and cultural aspects of new urban systems literacy – a re-examination…

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The Scent of Information – Symposium

This two-day expert meeting is dedicated to the discussion and comparison of new approaches to organize, analyze and visualize large bodies of archival information.  Archives like the ars electronica archive present themselves as massive collections of heterogeneous and, in some ways, conflicting data organized in many different formats. In order to make sense of this information, traditional database structures and query interfaces are not sufficient. At the same time, it becomes more and more important to connect and contextualize information resources that already exist. For…

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The Language of Networks – Symposium

The Language of Networks is a symposium / exhibition I co-curated for Ars Electronica 2004. The lineup was  interdisciplinary, including visualization developers, media artists, mathematicians and social scientists. The festival website is offline, since ars electronica restructured their archive, but the pdf program can still be downloaded here. A nice blogpost about the symposium can be found here. Program Panel I – Information Visualization Ulrik Brandes (DE) – Network Visualization and Graph Drawing Lothar Krempel (DE) – Communicating Empirical Information with Color Anne Nigten (NL)…

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