Curatorial work

2021Exhibition "New Elements" New Tretyakov Gallery Moscow
2020"Berlin Lokal Zeit" CLB Gallery Berlin, DE
2019Exhibition "Re:Constructing Evidence" Boston Cyber Arts Gallery, with Meg Heckman, Jennifer Gradecki, Ang Li
"City Sounds – City Atmospheres" Workshop & symposium, DAAD Berlin (with S. Auinger)
2016Symposium Indexical Design - the experience of information and materiality of data , Northeastern University, June 25, 2016
Workshop Inclusive recycling after the hype, co-organized with Anne Scheinberg and Cecilia Loschiavo. Pakhuis, Amsterdam.
2012Symposium Sensing Place / Placing Sense 2: Accountability Technologies Ars Electronica 2012, Architekturforum Oberösterreich. Co-curator together with Katja Schechter. With Jeffrey Warren (Public Laboratory), Marek Tuzinski (Tactical Tech Collective), Dieter Zinnbauer (Transparency International), Sami Ben-Garbhia (Nawaat), Jose-Luis de Vicente, Tomas Diez and others.
2011Symposium & Exhibition Sensing Place / Placing Sense Ars Electronica 2011, Architekturforum Oberösterreich.  Co-curator together with Katja Schechter. With Joi Ito (MIT Media Lab), Chris Nold, Usman Haque, Malcolm McCullough, Jose-Luis de Vicente, Natalie Jeremijenko and others.
2009Expert Workshop The Scent of Information, with Lev Manovich, Moritz Stefaner, Boris Müller and others, Art University Linz, Feb. 13-14, 2009
2007Festival of Video and New Media, Ljubljana, Slovenia, Digital Animation Program
2005Ars Electronica Animation Festival 2005. Co-curator together with Christine Schöpf.
Language of Networks II – Symposium & Exhibition on Social Network Analysis (Co-curator together w. FAS research)
2004Language of Networks – symposium & exhibition on social network analysis. Co-curator with FAS research.
Interactions Art / Technology – exhibition in the American Museum of the Moving Image, NY. Co-curator with Carl Goodman.
2002Pixelspaces 02 – Symposium on Games and Architecture – Ars Electronica 2002. Co-curator with Horst Hörtner and Pascal Maresch