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Routine Pathways

three women describe their daily routine pathways, giving insight in how personal practice shapes the perception of the city. The interactive diagram juxtaposes their descriptions with “objective” way descriptions from a navigation system. By highlighting the time a person spends talking about a specific section of her path in relation to the sections actual length, the diagram captures the focal points of personal subjective spaces. The project was developed as part of the EMARE artist in residency at the Werkleitz gesellschaft. It can be viewed…

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5 minute places

Starting from a central place, five minutes of movement in all directions with different means of transport are recorded. This project builds upon the work of Masaki Fujihata and Joachim Sauter, who combined GPS and video footage to create a map of the environment. in this case however, the GPS traces are mapped in time-space. using the videotraces, it becomes visible where the traveler interrupted his way … Link to the project, developed in the course of an Emare Residency at the Werkleitz Gesellschaft in…

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