A few selected slidedecks on slideshare

Feb. 12, 2019“Autographic Visualization – Traces, Symptoms, Evidence” BostonCHI, Google, Cambridge.
Feb. 2, 2019Panelist, “Civic Imagination” Night of Ideas, San Francisco Public Library
Dec. 4, 2018"Sensory accountability – data beyond the symbolic sandbox" Columbia GSAPP, NY
Nov. 17, 2018"Politics of Soundscapes", 15th Architectural Humanities Research Association International Conference, Eindhoven
Nov. 16, 2018"Sensory Accountability", Keynote Lecture, Matters of Communication, Annual Meeting of the German Society for Design Theory, Karlsruhe
Oct. 25, 2018"Art of the March", IEEE Visualization Conference, Berlin
Oct. 20, 2018"maps as traces: visual languages in their social context" Woodrow Wilson School of Public Policy, Princeton University
May 24, 2018"Data Bricolage - Mcgyvering Data Infrastructures", Keynote Lecture, Make ... cooperative futures" symposium, Linz Austria
Apr. 12, 2018"Waste is Information", TU Vienna Alumni Club, Harvard
Mar. 23, 2018"Waste is Information" Knight Science Journalism Fellowship seminar series, MIT
Feb. 9, 2018"Platform Man and the Bricoleur" Ways of Knowing Cities Conference, Columbia University
Dec 21, 2017"Waste as Information" Interface Culture Lab, Art University Linz, Austria
Dec 19, 2017"Infrastructure Legibility" - High Performance Computing Center Stuttgart.
Nov 4, 2017"Beyond Cognition - Information Visualization off the Beaten Path", A2RU Conference, Boston
Oct 13, 2017 "LA Noise Array - Urban Planning Lessons from a Noise Sensor Network" ACSP Conference, Denver
Sep 18, 2017"Values and Ideologies of Urban Technologies" Keynote lecture, Conference on Working Class Districts, Vienna
May 24, 2017"Commoning the Smart City", City of Eindhoven, NL
Apr. 21, 2017“Data, Design, Decision”, Radcliffe Institute, Harvard University
Apr. 6, 2017"Waste as Information: from classification to identification" - panel presentation, AAG 2017 Conference, Boston
Apr. 4, 2017"Tuning Infrastructure", Food for Thought Lecture Series, Northeastern University
Mar. 23, 2017"Tactical Preservation: The Accidental Archive of the Boston Women’s March", Presentation NULab Spring Conference Keeping the Public Sphere Open, Northeastern University
Feb. 9, 2017Keynote Lecture, “Decoding the City,” Crossovers Conference, Rotterdam
Nov. 28, 2016UNDP Innoforum 2016, Chisinau, Moldova
Nov 3, 2016Transmedia Matters? Researching (Electronic) Waste, Haus der Elektronischen Künste, Basel
Oct 28, 2016VISAP’16 Panel Discussion on “Critical Visualization”, IEEE VIS, Baltimore
Oct 27, 2016Digital Technology for Heritage Preservation, Panel Discussion, Columbia University
Sep 25, 2016Tuning Infrastructure, Murmuration Festival, St. Luis
Sep 21, 2016Smarter Crowdsourcing - Zika: Trash and Standing Water - Online Conference, Inter-american Development Bank & NYU Governance Lab
Jul 1, 2016Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow
Jun 30, 2016Moscow Urban Forum 2016
Jun 25, 2016Indexical Design - Opening Lecture. Northeastern University. [slides]
Jun 9-10, 2016Panel "Doing data differently: How are new sources of data shaping and changing our environment" UNDP, Istanbul
May. 2, 2016Panel lecture, Urban Intermedia: the City between Experience and Information. Radcliffe Institute, Harvard University.
Apr. 22, 2016Workshop lead, "inclusive recycling after the hype", with Anne Scheinberg and Cecilia Loschiavo. Pakhuis, Amsterdam.
Apr. 21, 2016Keynote lecture. "A case for accoutability-oriented design" Design and the City Conference. Amsterdam, NL
Mar. 25, 2016"Improvising infrastructure", Cairo Makerfaire, American University, Cairo
Mar. 19, 2016Aisthesis and the Common: Reconfiguring the Public Sphere, McGill University, Montreal
Mar. 3, 2016"Superstition vs. Simplification Visual Data Mining & its Pitfalls" ScoutXDataViz, Northeastern University
Feb. 26, 2016"Tuning Space — Current Perspectives on Urban Sound Research." Transcultural Exchange, Boston University
Dec. 8, 2015"Sticky Data, Superstitious Patterns: Visualization Beyond Cognitivism", Wesleyan University, Dept. of Art and Art History
Nov. 14, 2015art+bits festival, Katowice, Poland
Nov. 4, 2015"Sticky Data, Superstitious Patterns: Visualization Beyond Cognitivism", The New School / Parsons New York
Oct. 26/28, 2015IEEE VisWeek Art Program, Art Institute Chicago
Sept. 26, 2015Symposium "In the Shadow of the Megacity", Cooper Union, NY
Sept. 3, 2015Keynote lecture, Connecting Cities, Ars Electronica 2015
June 9, 2015Boston Civic Media: Metrics & Methods. Microsoft New England, Cambridge MA
May 29, 2015International Open Data Conference 2015, Ottawa, CA
May 23, 2015"Wann ist Rauschen ein Signal?" Signalstadt, interdisziplinäre Tagung zu Kulturgeschichte & Architekturpraxis des Auditiven, Humboldt Universität Berlin.
Apr. 28, 2015"Cities by Design", Panel discussion with Lev Manovich, Robert Pietrusko and Eve Blau, Harvard GSD
Apr. 17, 2015"The pigeon in the haystack - design before and after the fact", Data across Scales, Harvard GSD
Apr. 10, 2015"Civic Technologies - Tool or Therapy?" Design & Social Change, Northeastern University
Mar. 14, 2015"Civic technologies - tools or therapy?" The data made me do it Symposium, UC Berkeley.
Mar. 6, 2015"My eyes ... my ears ..." panel moderation with Sam Auinger, Bruce Odland, Meejin Yoon (MIT), Prataap Patrose (City of Boston), Tom Ryan (Harvard), District Hall, Boston.
Feb. 27, 2015"The Biases of Data" - Panel presentation, After Empirical Urbanism Symposium, University of Toronto
Feb. 19, 2015Media as Method, Studio presentation Harvard GSD, Kiel Moe, Pierre Bélanger
Dec. 3, 2014"When data bites back - augmentation vs. contingency", Boston Tech Meetup
Nov. 7th, 2014Decoding the City, Mason gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University
Sep. 10, 2014Smart Cities Workshop, Panel presentation with prof. Joe Paradiso and Nikhil Naik, MIT Media Lab
Sep. 6, 2014Prototyping Waste Systems - panel presentation with Lucia Xavier, Libby McDonald, David Lee and Rodrigo Medeiros, MIT
Aug. 11, 2014The designer as regulator — design patterns and categorization in citizen feedback systems, conference talk at Workshop on Big Data and Urban Informatics, UIC Chicago
Jun. 3, 2014Open Source Urbanism panel presentation at the Boston Society of Architects / Urban Design Committee with Nigel Jacob and Alicia Rouault
May 29, 2014CUSP "Life of Trash" Workshop presentation, NYU, New York
May 21, 2014Invited lecture at the Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil
May 15, 2014Panel discussion at the conference "The Future City”, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Apr. 8, 2014The designer as regulator - investigating citizen reports beyond 'truth' and 'bias' - NULab Faculty Lighting Talk, Northeastern University
Feb. 25, 2014Decoding the city - invited lecture ZHDK, Zurich
Dec. 5, 2013accountability technologies - book presentation. MIT Media Lab
Nov. 21, 2013Creative Conversation: Big Data and cities - towards data-driven governance, ITU Telecom World, Bangkok, Thailand
Nov. 15, 2013Engaging Data 2013 - Big Data or Bad Data, MIT
Nov. 14, 2013Class Lecture, Mixed Reality City, Harvard GSD
Oct. 31, 2013interACTIONS, Center for the Arts, Northeastern University
Oct. 29, 2013Bookpresentation with Isabel Meirelles, Snell Library, Northeastern University
Oct. 28, 2013Lecture Series, College of Art, Media and Design, Northeastern University
Oct. 17, 2013Data Swap 2013, Boston Globe and Northeastern University
Oct. 1, 2013Networked Urbanism, Studio Lecture, Harvard Graduate School of Design, Jose Luis Vallejo & Belinda Tato
Sept. 27, 2013Infrastructure Legibility, Center for Complex Networks Research, Northeastern University
Sept. 24, 2013Future Craft Class Lecture, MIT Media Lab, Instr. Leo Bonanni
Aug. 8, 2013Technologies for Self-organized Waste Systems, Department of Urban Studies and Planning, MIT
June 20, 2013Information Design and Data Visualization Boston 2013
June 13, 2013Federal University of Pernambuco, Recife, Brasil
May 24, 2013Keynote Lecture: Legibility from Below - Tools of Accountability
Hybrid City 2013, Athens
May 5, 2013Media City 4, International Conference, University at Buffalo, NY
Panel Moderator "Bordervilles"
May 2, 2013Unconventional Wisdom, 2nd Annual International Development Group Conference, MIT, Cambridge
(invited respondent)
Mar. 2, 2013ISSS 2013 , Harvard Graduate School of Design
Feb. 28, 20134th Annual Visionaries Forum, the Construction Institute, New Haven, CI.
Feb. 22, 2013How scary is smart? 2013 Edge smart cities conference, London.
Sept. 25, 2012Visualization and Analytics for Big Urban Data, OECD Seminar on Innovative Approaches to Turn Statistics into Knowledge, Seoul, Korea
Sept. 22, 2012Forage Tracking. Third Annual Informal Waste Sector Conference. the Harvard Club of New York, NYC
Jul. 11, 2012Keynote Lecture – RFID : Enabling or Polluting? Building a community of interest on RFID and waste , Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Science and the Arts, Brussels. Organized by RAND Europe ort he European Commission. (Video Lecture)
Jul 19, 2012Can Infrastructure be Crowd-sourced? BMW Guggenheim Lab Berlin, Pfefferberg, Berlin.
Apr. 13, 2012Sensing Place / Placing Sense - Laboratoria Art & Science, Moscow
Mar. 26, 2012Tacit Arrangements, Lecture at the Toronto Design Exchange , in the Panel "Power of Pattern" with Alex S. MacLean and Dr. Joe Schwarcz, Toronto, Canada
Feb. 16, 2012Sustainable Smart Cities Symposium: From Concept to Reality, Birmingham, Alabama
Oct. 26, 2011Trash Talk Lecture: Reverse Engineering the Removal Chain, Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, Harvard University, 11 Divinity Avenue, Cambridge, MA
May 24, 2011Upgrade! Turbulence Lecture Boston - Diagrammatic Reasoning, MIT Media Lab, Boston, MA
June 14, 2011The Internet of Obsolete Objects - Lecture at Visualizar 2011, Media Lab Prado, Madrid
May 22, 2011Washington State Recycling Association, Annual Conference, Keynote Lecture, Pasco, WA
Apr. 16, 2011Panel Discussion, FAST Future - Festival of Art, Science and Technology, MIT
Feb. 26, 2011Sensing Infrastructure - Lecture Cognitive Cities Conference, Berlin
Feb. 16, 2011Diagrammatic Reasoning – Art as Sensory Research,
Special Lecture in the MIT Program in Art, Culture and Technology
Nov. 26, 2010Five Minute Places, La città senza nome. Triennale di Milano
Oct. 8, 2010Senseable Cities - Public Urban Space Hub, Talk at the Mediaarchitecture Biennial 2010, Künstlerhaus Vienna
Aug. 16, 2010Exploring Urban Futures Speaker Series, Gray Area Foundation, San Francisco
Mar. 23, 2010Talking Trash, Science Writers Panel New York City
May 1, 2009Medienkunst als Sozialer Prozess - das Ars Electronica Jurynetzwerk
Visualisierung sozialer Netzwerke, deutsche Gesellschaft für Soziologie, München
Oct. 25, 2008Kowledge Representation for shared Media Art Archives, Open Archives Conference, Jihlava, Cz.
May 23, 2008Werkstattgespräche - MUSIK/VIDEO - Dietmar Offenhuber/ Michaela Schwendtner, thematische Begleitung: Marc Ries, Medienwerkstatt Wien
Jan. 12, 2006Age of Simulation Symposium, Ars Electronica Center Linz
Jun. 29, 2006Werkpräsentation Stadtmusik, Genius Loci: Liquid Music 2006, Judenburg
Sept. 2005Moderation Prix Ars Electronica Forum Computer Animation
Jun. 2005Sonar 2005, Barcelona
Oct. 2004IAMAS (International Academy of Media Arts and Sciences), Gifu, Japan
13-15 May 2003Telematic Playgrounds - Digital Brainstorming, Amriswil, Bern, Basel, CH
Feb. 2003Mapping the World, Transmediale 03, Berlin
Nov. 2003D-Motion 03, Halle
Jun. 2002Siggraph Campfire, Snowbird, Utah
Aug. 2002Artist Presentation, Liquid Music, Judenburg
Jan. 2001FH f. Soziale Arbeit, St. Gallen CH
Sept. 2000Unit M – User-sensitive Information Architecture - Keio University Matsujama, Japan