dust till dawn

Sep 10, 2006

fun with lasers, noise and dirt

maex decker, dietmar offenhuber, ushi reiter
DTD kicks up a lot of dust – with atmosphere being its sole medium of interaction. The project is a sound installation for a room with dusty floor, on which a number of phonographs are placed, playing back silent vinyl records. As a result of the visitors movements, particles of dust accumulate in the grooves of empty records and define a musical score. A carpet of monochromatic light visualizes the turbulence in the atmosphere and detects its ephemeral structures, which are directly linked to the noise generated by the dusty records. Over time, the physical impact of the interaction irreversibly consumes the interface and destroys the needles of the phonographs.

project page at servus

Exhibitions: File Festival São Paulo, 2010, uncharted/ Santral Istanbul, March 2009;  touch me festival, Zagreb, Dec. 2008; ars electronica 2006