felsen m18

Jun 23, 2005

2005, 17:50 min
video: dietmar offenhuber, music: sam auinger, hannes strobl

part of edition “abstracts of syn“, published and distributed by kunstverein medienturm

“Urban architecture is a sound box, it shapes a space, wherein the range of sounds which surround us is resounded and reflected. The video STADTMUSIK (“City Music”) by Dietmar Offenhuber (Linz/Boston) and the formation tamtam (Sam Auinger, Hannes Strobl; Berlin) discusses sound in cities by analysing sound structures which are triggered by urban buildings and facilities. They focus on the aspect of movement in the city, which reinforces a dynamic experience of the urban soundscape: particular sounds emerge through movement, sound and its timbre evolve from material and space. The video actually consists of two parts “Kapitel 3” (Chapter 3), “m18 felsen” (“m18 rocks”), each one discussing individually auditory situations in a big city.”

more information on www.stadtmusik.org
m18 felsen (excerpt)