Jan 1, 2006

For the start of Austria’s presidency of the European Union in January 2006, 200 individuals from all over Europe were interviewed about their opinions on the strengths, weaknesses, chances and risks of the European Union.

I was commissioned to analyze and visualize the semantic space of these responses. By identifying recurring topics and common associations in the text corpus of the material, I was able to generate a semantic network of the european thoughtscape.

The result showed that everyone seems to agree upon the strengths and chances of the European Union, but there are many different perceptions about the EU‘s weaknesses and risks.

Commissioned by the Austrian EU presidency 2006 / Ars Electronica Futurelab.
Interviews, Editor: Maria Falkinger
Software: semaspace (Dietmar Offenhuber)

featured: visual complexity

interactive version (3dvia player needed)