Physicalizing Touch Behavior

Jan 11, 2023

A series experiments to visualize how people touch objects as they examine and try to gain information from them. We explore how people “think” with their hands, how they memorize objects and space, and the touch traces that provide clues to these forms of haptic cognition.

with Laura Perovich and Bernice Rogowitz.

Rogowitz, Bernice, Laura J. Perovich, Yuke Li, Bjorn Kierulf, and Dietmar Offenhuber. “Touching Art — A Method for Visualizing Tactile Experience.” Alt-VIS, 2021.  

Perovich, Laura, Bernice Rogowitz, Victoria Crabb, Jack Vogelsang, Sara Hartleben, and Dietmar Offenhuber. “The Tactile Dimension: A Method for Physicalizing Touch Behaviors.” Proceedings of the 2023 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, 2023. (Honorable Mention CHI 2023)