What do New Yorkers complain about?

Feb 5, 2013

Currently I am working on a comparative study of the design factors of citizen feedback systems based on the data they generate. The recent history of these systems is a tale of growing ambition. In the past decade, most large US cities have implemented non-emergency incident reporting systems via telephone helplines, websites, and recently mobile applications. During that time, 311 systems, named after the three-digit telephone number reserved for that purpose, have evolved from service hotlines to public accountability instruments, data sources for urban maintenance and tools for civic engagement.

A small visualization of the New York 311 data that I did past September, keeps surfacing on different blogs. The city of NY publishes all community requests; around 2 Million for the past two years, covering over 100 types of incidents ranging from code violations on construction sites to plumbing issues in public housing projects.
From among the top 15 categories, I selected complaints about noise, litter and graffiti – urban issues that everyone can relate to. They were similar in terms of number of complaints, but very distinct in terms of their spatial patterns.

I used the RGB channels for each respective category, creating a composite that allows a comparison of all three parameters at the same time. Showing more than two parameters is usually very difficult in thematic maps. This strategy creates a surprisingly salient spatial pattern. It seems that Manhattan complains more about noise, the Bronx more about graffiti, and Staten Island more about litter.

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