sensing place / placing sense

sensing place / placing sense

sensing place / placing sense

The mental image of the city has become more complex. Since mobile phones have become geo-social devices, location-based data is increasingly shaping the way we navigate, experience and define the urban environment.
The Symposium and the exhibition will investigate the potential of experimental and artistic forms of inquiry for helping us making sense of the city, and discuss practices that create new public infrastructures and define new places. The panels explore the sensory, structural and cultural aspects of new urban systems literacy – a re-examination of what constitutes public space in the real-time city.

Curated by Dietmar Offenhuber and Katja Schechtner
A Cooperation between afo architekturforum oberösterreich, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology and Ars Electronica.



Sunday, 4. 09. 2011, 10 am–7:30 pm

10:00–12:30 am
Panel 1: Senses – the perception of urban media
Sam Auinger (A/D) + Bruce Odland (US): The Sonic Commons
Malcom McCullough (US): Attention and Ambient Information
Chris Nold (UK): Designing for Responsive Communities
Chair: Dietmar Offenhuber

2:00 pm–4:30 pm
Panel 2: Systems – new infrastructures for public space
Usman Haque (UK): Notes on the Design of Participatory Systems – for the City or for the Planet
Joi Ito (J/USA):
Natalie Jeremijenko (US): What is smarter than a smart city, googlier than a google power meter, whatsier than a Whatzon, greener than a green building, wiser than nuclear monitoring committee and faster than a speeding bullet?
Jose Luis Vicente (ES): Reverse-engineering the #Spanishrevolution: on the Hybrid Infrastructures of 15M
Chair: Katja Schechtner

5:00 pm–7:30 pm
Panel 3: Places – the aesthetics of hyperlocality
Stefan Mittlböck-Jungwirth-Fohringer (A): „Zeitraum“ – a media art project based on the imaginary space bounded by all the world’s airports
Susanne Seitinger (A/USA): Surfacing Opportunities for Engagement through Responsive Lighting Infrastructures
Sandrine von Klot (A): The Significance of Becoming Actors
Juha van ‘t Zelfde (NL): The Medium is the Metropolis
Chair: Oliver Schürer

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BackTalk (MoMa)

BackTalk (MoMa)

A new senseable city lab project i worked on is now exhibited in the Museum of Modern Art in New York. BackTalk is in many ways a follow up project on Trash | Track, this time focusing on obsolete electronics, disposed as e-waste or shipped as donated as refurbished computers to developing countries. All of these devices still capable of recording their location and surroundings. The initial inspiration was an incident I read about involving a lost camera, scuba diving and a sea turtle. The project focuses on the reasons why obsolete electronics move across the globe and conveys the hybrid strategies how to deal with them.


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