• decoding the city – upcoming book

    decoding the city – upcoming book

    The newest project, an edited volume on data-driven urbanism together with Senseable City Lab Director Carlo Ratti, has just reached...
  • New Book: Accountability Technologies – Tools for Asking Hard Questions

    New Book: Accountability Technologies – Tools for Asking Hard Questions

    “The basic need of civil society to live in responsibly planned and managed cities, to be involved in the planning...
  • What do New Yorkers complain about?

    What do New Yorkers complain about?

    Currently I am working on a comparative study of the design factors of citizen feedback systems based on the data...
  • accountability technologies

    accountability technologies

    I am co-curating a symposium on accountability technologies at ars electronica this year. It is a symposium about bottom-up governance, and ways...
  • Dissecting Trash Objects

    Dissecting Trash Objects

    A workshop together with Pablo Rey from Basurama in the Guggenheim Lab Berlin investigating the hidden processes and stories that...
  • Inscribing a Square: Urban Data as Public Space – new book out

    Inscribing a Square: Urban Data as Public Space – new book out

    After several months of work, we finally made it. The book on our last year’s Symposium, Sensing Place / Placing Sense...
  • Two new Journal Papers in JAPA, Leonardo

    Two new Journal Papers in JAPA, Leonardo

    The first paper, “Putting Matter in Place”, written with the senseable city lab, is a reflection on the lessons we...
  • DUST – Laboratoria Moscow

    DUST – Laboratoria Moscow

    Our interest in exploring dust as an aesthetic and interactive medium aligned perfectly with the new exhibition “DUST” (12.4.12 – 15.7.12)...
  • forage tracking

    forage tracking

    The Forage Tracking project is mapping the tacit knowledge and spatial organization of informal recyclers in downtown Saõ Paulo. We...
  • Active Listening Sites

    Active Listening Sites

    A new stadtmusik work, tying together a lot of what we were working on in the past couple of years....
  • sensing place / placing sense (symposium, exhibition)

    sensing place / placing sense (symposium, exhibition)

    The mental image of the city has become more complex. Since mobile phones have become geo-social devices, location-based data is...
  • BackTalk


    A new senseable city lab project i worked on is now exhibited in the Museum of Modern Art in New...
  • Trash Track wins NSF visualization challenge

    Trash Track wins NSF visualization challenge

    Trash|Track, the project I have been occupied with for over a year at the senseable city lab, has won the...
  • dust serenade at MIT museum

    dust serenade at MIT museum

    Our new project in the dust series: Markus Decker, Dietmar Offenhuber, Orkan Telhan ‘Dust Serenade‘ is a reenactment of an...
  • Semaspace in two Research Projects on Artistic / Scientific Collaboration

    Semaspace in two Research Projects on Artistic / Scientific Collaboration

    The SemaSpace network visualization tool has been recently used in two very interesting research projects. In Netzpioniere, an art-historical project...
  • FDTD awarded at File Festival Sao Paulo

    FDTD awarded at File Festival Sao Paulo

    A short trip to Sao Paulo for a good reason – dust won a honorary mention from the FilePrixLux award,...
  • Secession Opening Tonight

    Secession Opening Tonight

    Norbert Pfaffenbichler and Lotte Schreiber invited me to show “paths of G” in the CINEPLEX exhibition in Secession Vienna. Unfortunately...
  • LBI Visualization Showcase

    LBI Visualization Showcase

    For Ars Electronica 09, we created a website showcasing our visualization projects of my departement in the unfortunately closing Boltzmann...
  • Prix Ars Electronica: Mapping the Archive

    Prix Ars Electronica: Mapping the Archive

    Evelyn Münster, Jaume Nualart, Dietmar Offenhuber, Moritz Stefaner, Gerhard Dirmoser This project presents the results of an interdisciplinary investigation of...
  • A Timeline of Audiovisual Culture

    A Timeline of Audiovisual Culture

    Related to the See this Sound exhibition, The Ludwig Boltzmann Institute created on an encyclopedia of audiovisual culture during the...
  • stadtmusik#7 – boston buzz

    stadtmusik#7 – boston buzz

    Upcoming Stadtmusik Film
  • Semaspace


    SemaSpace is a compact graph editor and browser for the construction and analysis of knowledge networks. The program was specially designed...
  • stadtmusik #6 – innsbruck küche hell

    stadtmusik #6 – innsbruck küche hell

    Upcoming Stadtmusik Film
  • The Scent of Information – Workshop at Art University Linz

    The Scent of Information – Workshop at Art University Linz

    This two-day expert meeting is dedicated to the discussion and comparison of new approaches to organize, analyze and visualize large...
  • dewy


    Collaboration with Amanda Parkes. Dewy is a display prototype using humidity to create an image.
  • Comment Flow

    Comment Flow

    MIT media lab / sociable media group dietmar offenhuber, judith donath Social networks are abstract organizational structures that help us...
  • zurückbleiben bitte!

    zurückbleiben bitte!

    7min38sec, DVD video “Above and below do not exist at first, and other indications of direction do not work either....
  • Tiltle – Exploring Dynamic Balance

    Tiltle – Exploring Dynamic Balance

    An interface for exploring dynamic equilibria using the metaphor of a traditional balance scale. Rather than comparing and identifying physical...
  • dust till dawn

    dust till dawn

    fun with lasers, noise and dirt maex decker, dietmar offenhuber, ushi reiter DTD kicks up a lot of dust –...
  • SemaSpace Version 1

    SemaSpace Version 1

    The first version of SemaSpace was developed out of the need for a fast and powerful browser for semantic networks...
  • moviemaps re:visited

    moviemaps re:visited

    The project was to design a tool for the generation of three-dimensional navigable maps based on  video footage. The project has...
  • kapitel 3

    kapitel 3

    2005 stadtmusik music: sam auinger, hannes strobl image: dietmar offenhuber more information on www.stadtmusik.org part of edition “abstracts of syn“,...
  • mauerpark


    17min27sec, DVD video The winter landscape of mauerpark in berlin turns into a theatrical stage, populated by pedestrians and cyclists...
  • Gedankenlandschaft (thoughtscape)

    Gedankenlandschaft (thoughtscape)

    For the start of Austria’s presidency of the European Union in January 2006, 200 individuals from all over Europe were...
  • paths of g

    paths of g

    A variation on Stanley Kubrick’s Paths of Glory: A long travelling shot of a WWI trench is reduced to it’s...
  • felsen m18

    felsen m18

    2005, 17:50 min video: dietmar offenhuber, music: sam auinger, hannes strobl part of edition “abstracts of syn“, published and distributed...
  • visuals at sonar 2005

    visuals at sonar 2005

    Live Visuals for a Performance of the Barcelona symphonic Orchestra at Sonar2005 with Nina Wenhart
  • isotope


    Isotope is a generative architecture derived from the proportional system of the Stonborough House (1925, also known as Haus Wittgenstein)...
  • heinz weiss (naredmanet)

    heinz weiss (naredmanet)

    Some time ago, a moving company cleared out the residence of the retired Heinz k. (name changed). Among his belongings...
  • re:modern trailer

    re:modern trailer

    Trailer for the exhibition re:modern in Künstlerhaus Vienna (May 2005) by Norbert Pfaffenbichler. I also had the piece isotope in...
  • Mapping Context

    Mapping Context

    Mapping context is the conceptual frame for the projects wegzeit, 5 minute places and loopcity.
  • loopcity


    Describing the city through repeated everyday actions In his novel L’Innommable Beckett describes a strange world made up from a...
  • steve reich – music for 18 musicians

    steve reich – music for 18 musicians

    Live Visuals at Ars Electronica 2004
  • The Language of Networks (Symposium)

    The Language of Networks (Symposium)

    The Language of Networks is a symposium / exhibition I co-curated for Ars Electronica 2004. The lineup was  interdisciplinary, including...
  • ars electronica futurelab

    ars electronica futurelab

    A selection of my projects while working as a key researcher for interactive space at the ars electronica futurelab until...
  • Routine Pathways

    Routine Pathways

    three women describe their daily routine pathways, giving insight in how personal practice shapes the perception of the city. The...
  • 5 minute places

    5 minute places

    Starting from a central place, five minutes of movement in all directions with different means of transport are recorded. This...
  • living room

    living room

    A permanent installation for a Upper Austrian high school building, conceptualized and implemented as part of the ars electronica futurelab....
  • trajectory


    Collaboration with Maex Decker. Realtime visualisation of satellite movement over the city of judenburg. Installation during Liquid Music Festival 02.
  • URBIS – Imagining the City

    URBIS – Imagining the City

    Developed with the ars electronica futurelab in a larger collaboration with Landesign, Inc. / London. Projection-based interface for the visualization...
  • wegzeit


    The Geometry of Relative Distance my Thesis in Architecture .pdf “When you ask someone in Los Angeles how far it...
  • besenbahn


    “the freewaysystem in its totality is now a single comprehensible place, a coherent state of mind, a complete way of...
  • LA Billboard Houses

    LA Billboard Houses

    During my stay in Los Angeles in 2000, the impressive and sturdy billboard constructions caught my interest. I also liked...
  • image manipulation soundtrack

    image manipulation soundtrack

    A live performance at ars electronica 2000 using found footage from surveillance cameras and satellites. with markus decker, joachim schnaitter,...
  • Unit-M


    An early media architecture example conceptualized and implemented as part of the ars electronica futurelab. For the new building of...
  • l-void weekenders

    l-void weekenders

    In collaboration with Maex Decker. Visual performance at Blasthaus Gallery, San Francisco during the Transcinema Festival 99. We modified the...
  • nomads


    A game-engine modification as an audiovisual environment. Intrigued by the erratically busy movement of non-player characters in a computer game,...
  • bike – a roadmovie

    bike – a roadmovie

    A Roadmovie Bike emerged from an improvisation I did in late 1998. Creating one situation, which works as a loop...
  • orbital elements

    orbital elements

    “Romanticism for data fanciers and ham radio fans, watching sunsets and satellite launches staging and making perceptible the activities and...
  • AEC Elevator Floor

    AEC Elevator Floor

    This was my first project for Ars Electronica, started in 1995 – an animation on the floor of the elevator,...